Health Care Services

Importance of Health Care Services

The impact health care services have exceeds individuals and families, there is a wider effect it has on a community, a country and the whole world. Good health services will make a big impact on the quality of life of every human being which is why States and international bodies put in a lot of effort to ensure that there is a degree of health care service that meets the needs of the people in the area.

Health care services encompass a number of services right from the provision of medicines in medical facilities to efficient health plans that attend to the health needs of citizens. Sadly, though, when many countries are faced with the ever-increasing budgetary strains, health care services get the short end of the stick in as much as funding is concern. This problem could be because they fail to see the importance of health care services as having an impact on more than just an individual or family. Here are some key issues to consider as the importance of health care services.

Impact on the economy

A country’s economy can be greatly affected by the quality of health care services provided to its people. If you took a survey of different States and their health services in comparison to the productivity of the country, it will be noticed that countries that provide good health services have flourishing economies. This is because the productivity of a people is dependent on their ability to function healthily. When there are outbreaks of communicable diseases, more people are going to be absent from work and even some very good employees may be lost to diseases that could have been treated with good and available health care services. When the majority of a country’s workforce has good health insurance, they will be able to concentrate on productive activity as opposed to spending time trying to find treatment for one ailment or another, this even extends to the children, healthy children are more likely to spend more time learning and preparing for the future when they are able to contribute to the stability of the economy of a country. It is, therefore, important that the population of a country is healthy and alive since sick people do not pay taxes or go to work and that will take its toll on a country’s productivity which in turn affects its economy for the worse.

Impact on Politics

glutathione healthThe political stability of a country can be affected by the level of health care services available or provided. In developing countries where access to life-saving drugs is limited and children cannot get vaccinated for certain preventable illnesses, there is a sense of disgruntlement that brews into conflict. A population that feels like its government is not providing sufficient health care is more likely to rise up against it. Many politicians can use this as a basis to tarnish the image of a government and cause uproar. But it is not just in developing lands where health services may lead to unstable political environments. A country that has loopholes in its health care services is always going to have more complaints and these complaints may take up a lot of time that could be used to discuss other issues of political importance. Opposition in politicians will constantly capitalise on failure in health care and lobbyists will look for every opportunity to engage government in discussions on improving health provisions. While this may help in the long run, it also has the ability to impact political perceptions of the country. For example, a country that fails to provide adequate mental health care service may find itself in a situation where the mentally ill people become a threat to the security of the country and this may become a big political point of contention that takes up a lot of time that could be spent attending to other issues.

Impact on society

A healthy society is a happy one. The availability of different health care services will ensure that the society is happier. If people do not need to worry if they will be able to get treatment for an ailment, they will stress less and their quality of life will be much better. Healthy societies tend to have more time for relaxation and pursuit of pleasurable activities. Think about it, how happy can a society be if they have people dying from different health complications that could be prevented if there were health care services available within reach. If you took the example of California where there is much better health care service and people are more health conscious, you will realise that the population there is much happier than some other parts of America where health services are a big issue.

It is also evident that with more importance put on improving health care services, the standard of living for a number of societies has improved and the life expectancy too. One of the major causes of early deaths like infant mortality is linked to the lack of or inadequate health care service. The general life expectancy of the world has improved as a result of emphasis being put on improving health care services. Human life should be considered as the most important thing and having healthcare services that cater for the needs of just about every individual will ensure that more people stay alive longer and contribute towards a better existence.

It has however also been noted in the developed world that improved health care services have resulted in increased expenditure on health care in order to maintain the set standard of health provision. This draws attention to the fact that health care service should not be the preserve of governments or the private providers. Health care needs to be a combined effort. With budgetary constraints, governments alone cannot bare the load on their own. Health care service can be a lucrative investment for private individuals to help compliment the efforts by the state to provide good healthcare services.